Free Democrats Youth Organisation

The aim of the Organization is creation of a European type State where young people will be given opportunity to express their abilities. Free Democrats Youth Organization was established on September 24, 2009. The youth movement has been actively involved in political events in the country since the very first day of its establishment.

Young free democrats believe Georgia to be future European type country and they actively protect the values which are necessary for development of a democratic State.

Young free democrats are actively involved in Party’s daily life. Their role in Free Democrats Party is utmostly important.

Interconsistency and team work, responsibility and accountability to the party, publicity and transparency of the organization activity, electivity and accountability are the principles of the youth organization activities which are of utmost importance for formation of democratic and effective state.

Youth assembly of free democrats elects leaders of the youth organization, its executive secretary and board for the period of two years. The board consists of 15 members. Joining the organization as well as leaving it is voluntary.

Free Democrats Youth Organization is the organization which gives each member an opportunity to express his/her abilities. The organization of young free democrats carries out its work in the following directions:

  • Human rights;
  • Free election environment;
  • Independent Court;
  • Free media;
  • Free and competitive environment.