We in the Parliament

Grave social, economic and political situation in the country requires from the government of Georgia maximum of its concentration on actions aimed at solution of the problems our citizens face and at avoiding threats existing in foreign politics.

Despite political confrontation against Free Democrats and personally against Party leader Irakly Alasania launched four months ago, which was expressed by detaining innocent staff members of the Defense Ministry and deliberate political persecution carried out against party members in the whole country, we – Free Democrats – put aside our party interests and considered it necessary for the good of the country to still keep coalition regime work to continue realization of our duties assumed to the country and people in both foreign and internal directions.

Unfortunately the government failed to recognize acuteness and importance of any of the above-mentioned challenges and instead of maximum consolidation of political forces with the aim of reacting against them it has made its choice in favour of internal political struggle. One of the few decisions made by “Georgian Dream” in the recent period included dismissing a free democrat Zurab Abashidze from vice-speaker position.

In addition to this, recent utterly alarming declarations made by both executive and legislative government representatives give us good grounds to suspect that the government under the cover of vociferous declarations about inviolability of European Union and NATO choice made by people deliberately sends surrendering messages to Russian Federation. We have every reason to think these are not just declarations but in the near future they will be followed by steps damaging the State.

On the one hand we deal with declarations once again confirming our faithfulness to integration with our strategic partners European Union and NATO and on the other hand with procrastination of the assumes responsibilities and agreements achieved with European Union and NATO and a very threatening and dynamically developing process of remaining face to face with Russia.

This approach of our political opponents is absolutely destructive for the country and correspondingly unacceptable for us.

Based on the created situation, Party “Free Democrats” have reached the decision to resign from the chairman positions of various parliamentary committees we are holding in the Parliament, continue our activity in a more opposing regime and demand that the government should take urgent, effective and reasonable steps to lead the country out of the most difficult economic situation as well as implementation responsibilities assumed in the field of foreign politics.

Supported Initiatives:

  • Anti-discrimination law adoption is aimed at and provides legislative support for protection of every person in Georgia against any type of discriminatory restriction and encroachment of their lawful freedom and rights.

  • Sakdrisi-Kachagiani hill has become a symbol of society defeat and humiliation. As both sides, the government and Sakdrisi defenders, obtained contradictory and mutually exclusive scientific conclusions, and the government used its force as the main argument to have its own way without any scientific discussion.