A joint Expediton of Georgian and German archeologists researched Sakdrisi gold mine. It has been discovered that at the depth of 50 meters the mine dates back to 4 000 years B.C. This in its turn meant that Sakdrisi-Kachagiani entrails of the earth in Gori contained one of the oldest world gold mines for thousands of years. In 2006 Sakdrisi-Kachagiani hill was conferred first archaeological object status and later the status of cultural heritage monument.

However, Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection deprived the archeological object of the status of cultural heritage monument on July 5, 2013. After this a gold-mining company “RM Golds” was granted the right to mine the ore even in proximity to the archeological monument.

The archeological monument became endangered which immediately worried many scientists as well as amateurs; students and that time Deputy Culture and Monument Protection Minister tried to save Sakdrisi. They demanded that the government should restore the status of cultural heritage for the archeological monument and forbid the company to carry out its works near the monument site. The government not only absolutely ignored these demands but also presented several scientists’ conclusions which stated that Sakdrisi-Kachagiani hill did not contain a unique ancient mine but was an ordinary insignificant archeological monument. On December 12 of the last year the executive government provided the company with all the necessary documents in accordance to which it has right to explode Sakdrisi-Kachagiani hill and use it for ore mining. The explosions began in Sakdrisi on December 13.

Sakdrisi-Kachagiani hill has become a symbol of society defeat and humiliation. As both sides, the government and Sakdrisi defenders, obtained contradictory and mutually exclusive scientific conclusions, and the government used its force as the main argument to have its own way without any scientific discussion and opposed the society in favour of the company, Nino Goguadze, one of the leaders of Free Democrats and Member of Parliament initiated setting a Special Parliamentary Investigation Commission at the Parliament of Georgia with the aim of asserting the truth in the current dramatic situation. The majority of Parliament Members at the Parliamentary sitting recognized her initiative as valid and issued a decree on setting the above-mentioned investigation commission. However, committee consist failed to be confirmed at one of the following sittings as it lacked the votes. Even those members of “Georgian Dream” who previously voted for the idea of setting the commission refused to support the commission consist. In this way the legislative majority corrected its “mistake” and protected government, but not society interests.

“Free Democrats” are still, the second time, going to demand that the Parliament should set the investigation commission.

We, Free democrats, - Nino Goguadze declares, - will apply to the members of parliament and will demand that the Parliament should freely execute its legal right so as to carry out its primary democratic duty, its duty to citizens and society. Parliamentary investigation commission must be set up by all means to provide members of society with well-grounded answer who still support Sakdrisi saving as they believe there is a scientifically proved unique cultural and archeological monument. However, if a special parliamentary commission finds out that activities of modern manufacturers sacrificed to destruction, even presumably, unique cultural monument which has not been fully studied, the whole society must get to know about this fact as it is a crime committed to the whole society and the society has full right to know the truth about it, while it is the Parliament’s duty to protect this right and deliver the truth to the citizens.