Anti-discrimination Law

Antidiscrimination law adoption is aimed at and provides legislative support for protection of every person in Georgia against any form of discrimination: racial, skin color, age, citizenship, language, gender, origin, place of residence, birth, property or social status, religious, ethnic and state of psychic health, restricted abilities, ethnic or social belonging, sexual orientation, gender identity, family position, political views or any other type of discrimination. Antidiscrimination law equally protects all law-abiding citizens against any type of discriminatory restriction and encroachment of their lawful freedom and rights.

Nino Goguadze, one of the leaders of the party “Free Democrats”, was probably the first to declare out loud for the Parliament and the society to hear that rights of any majority are based on the rights of minorities; that if it is possible to violate rights of any minority in our country, it will be the beginning of violation of rights of any of us; that majority of any group neither defines nor stipulates advantages of its member or members in any way as we are all always and everywhere equal under the law; that every single person – never mind whether he belongs to the majority or not – that each of us belongs to an extreme minority!

The Parliament responded with applause to this speech, on both minority and majority sides and the Parliament adopted the law.